Donor Retention Strategies That Work

If you have been in the fundraising arena and have been interested in how non-profits develop, then you might have come across the term ‘donor retention’. When it comes to data analysis donor retention is one of the most important topics that are studied. To be said in very simple words donor retention is the measure of how many donors will continue to support your organization in future. Any charity that has a high number of donor retention will survive for a real long time with its sustained supporter group. But for a charity with low donor retention number will have to continuously reach out to more potential donors every year and keep requesting for larger donations to be able to sustain.

With the recent imbalance in the world economy, lots of non-profits are starting to turn their attention from acquiring to retaining donor support. The primary reason for that is that each year with increasing donor number it is harder and more expensive to attract new ones. If a donor donates only once then your original investment to attract that donor will turn into a loss. Only by retaining his/her support for years the organization can make sure progress. Non-profits now need to focus on maintaining their existing support rather than discarding them in search for new ones.

Acquiring donors might be the core of every charity’s growth strategy. But if three out of the four donors you acquire leave after just one donation then you might suffer loss. To know more about why donor retention is so important you should refer to Blackbaud’s charitable report.

The Blackbaud’s Charitable Giving Report 2016 states that:-

┬ĚThe average donor retention rates for first-year offline-only donors is 29%

┬ĚThe average donor retention rates for first-year online-only donors is 21%

If the donor retention rates fall even below 20% then it might not look good for major fundraisers which depend mostly on the donation from the public. On top of that if you add the cost of acquiring new donors it will become real taxing for the fundraiser staff and hinder the organization’s growth.

Frankly, it is up to your marketing team and core staff to create a more robust gratitude program so that the donors will come back again to donate. Investing your resources on a donor acknowledgment and stewardship program might help in turning the tables for you.

Here are some of the tips you can implement to improve your donor retention program:-

1. Instantaneous gratitude: You have to thank you, donors, in the fastest way you can. If you don’t act promptly you might end up destroying most of your hard work. In a study board members of a non-profit called their generous donor to thank them. It was observed that the people who received phone call gave more at the next fundraiser than the people who weren’t called.

2. Considerate: Just giving out receipts for their donation won’t help in showing your gratitude towards the donors. Personalized cards and thank you notes can go a long way in establishing your relationship with your supporter while reminding them how important they are to the organization.

3. Non-donation activities: Once in while you can hold complimentary events that do not involve any money. Offer your supporters to engage in a fun a non-formal activity and treat them for their continued support. With an interesting schedule for the year which includes activities other than fundraiser will keep the donors interested in the organization and keep supporting it.

4. You can also think of giving out gifts. You don’t have to go out of the way and spend too much on the gifts. Small and thought full gifts can still make a large impact on donor’s sentiments.

5. Online gratitude: E-mails and text messages are one the fastest way to communicate. Utilize these mediums to your advantage. Send them a thank you email every time they make an online donation. You can also configure your donation website to implement an online and also offline welcome and gratitude pages.

6. For your, every activity throughout the year imposes stewardship component to enable your nonprofit to inherently be more courteous and grateful. There is always a reason and excuse to say thank you to your supporters.

7. Indulge in talking about your activities and special moments. Stories of your mission will motivate people to get involved and become a part of your story. You can create short videos or post on social networks or a blog and get your stories out there to help people find you. Also, it will keep your current supporter group also intact as they see their donation materialize into something positive.

8. Another useful tip would be to ditch the report book. It might be mandatory for profit organizations to keep their investors and shareholders informed about the financial activities of the company throughout the year. But for a non-profit, there are more interesting ways to keep the donors well-informed and in an interesting way. So you can ditch the annual report book and think of new ways to entice people to stay attached to your organization. For an example, an info graphics on the basic financial structure will more likely to be admired and remembered by anyone.

9. Also even with everything in place you still have to go out of the way and thank your donors each and every time it is possible for you. To have a lasting impression of gratitude, a repeated show of gratitude can help solidify that impression.

10. In the end always plan way ahead of these strategies. Your plan on how and when to send out thank you note should be prepared hand in hand with other activities.

Donor retention strategies are becoming more and more difficult these days owing to fact that the old supporters are losing interest now and with decreasing donors budget for acquiring new donors also decreases. Thus it is of utmost importance to pay attention to retaining and keeping your existing donor community and ask them to keep supporting you. Maybe you are not one of those organizations who need to worry about donor retention at this moment of time. But with continued ignorance to their invested interest, it can lead to donor pool evaporating. So pay attention to keeping your current support group happy so they keep giving year after year.

Buying Chocolate Gifts Online – Gifts They’ll Surely Love

One of the best things about the Internet is you can acquisition aggregate that you wish and need…literally! The Internet absolutely is a abode area you can acquisition aggregate with a few clicks of your mouse. This is one of the affidavit why it’s adequate its batty popularity. Enterprising businesses and individuals accustomed this and this paved the way for the Internet to become a accepted exchange for gifts.

Think about how online arcade is so big nowadays. These days, you don’t accept to go to the capital if you charge to buy a new dress. Just login to your computer and accessible your admired store’s website and voila! You can browse through their selections and adjustment online. It’s this ability that paved the way for affairs ability online. Yes, this includes one of the a lot of accepted ability anytime – chocolates.

You can buy amber ability online just as calmly as you would buy a dress. If you’re a first-timer, you can seek for allowance shops online that advertise chocolates. That will accord you a lot of after-effects because there are a lot of sites that advertise them. If this is too time and accomplishment arresting for you, you can accept the added accepted ones or you can ask for referrals.

So what can you apprehend if you analysis out a acceptable website that sells amber gifts? You can apprehend to see a advanced array of accessible ability or combinations of gifts. Just like how a website affairs dresses has a archive abounding of dresses, you can apprehend to see a advanced alternative of chocolates that you may end up affairs a few for yourself.

This is because about everybody loves chocolates. This makes it one of those ability that you’ll be abiding that the almsman will adulation and acknowledge as continued as you apperceive that they adulation chocolates. If you’re not abiding what the almsman brand as a gift, you can bet your acceptable money on chocolates.

Besides, there are a lot of options if blockage out chocolate ability online. Are you affairs it for a appropriate someone? You can accept to cover a Teddy Bear with the chocolates. Are you affairs it for your dad? Why not adjustment a set with a canteen of wine with it? You can aswell accept to personalize the allowance by abacus a allowance agenda or specialized box and wrapper. The possibilities are endless.

So if you’re on a anchor for gifts, you should accede affairs amber gifts. They’re bargain and you don’t accept to anguish about affairs something that the almsman already has. Anybody could use addition box of chocolates.

Shopping for Wine Gifts Online

For the cooler that has been alleged the “nectar of the Gods” arcade for wine ability online could be advised a bout fabricated in heaven. The history of wine extends for centuries afore the Internet was even a thought, and has abundant inventories to accomplish absolute use of the amplitude of cyberspace.

The wine allowance online alternative covers the absolute spectrum; from the oldest best collectors crave to the acid bend wines of the “New World.” And already you access this apple you will acquisition that it is far from an abandoned experience; abounding wine websites accept activities some wine admirers love, including altercation forums to barter account and tips for award that amazing canteen of wine.

In fact, the Internet is apparently the alone abode that could possibly authority all of the selections of wine gifts, as an online administration store, the complete wine area could calmly bout its book area in size; it is difficult to brainstorm the admeasurement of a brick and adhesive abundance that could do the same.

So how do you activate your wine allowance arcade online? Unfortunately, if you reside in the United States, the aboriginal antecedence has to be whether or not you reside in a accompaniment area wine can be purchased and delivered to you. If you are in the advantageous majority, you can now account yourself of the 24/7 accessibility to accomplished all of the advice you charge to acquisition the absolute wine allowance online for the a lot of accurate wine lover.

One of the affidavit why arcade for wine ability online is so accepted is that humans feel beneath overwhelmed; a lot of of the wine boutique websites accord complete advice to advice you baddest the wine you wish with ideal aliment combinations listed so that you can custom body your gift.

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The choices are absolute and exciting; wine is the allowance that humans adulation to receive. The apple of wine has been broadcast by the Internet and affairs your wine allowance online is as simple as blockage your e-mail – and absolutely a lot added fun.